Baumgart cult is not enough for relegation

In the past two years, 1. FC Köln has lived off the incredible energy that Steffen Baumgart has brought to the club and especially to the first team.

Since the summer of 2021, when Baumgart was taken over, Cologne has been the biggest surprise in the Bundesliga for many experts. Baumgart, who never needed rest, apparently regularly whipped an average squad of players to the limit of their performance. Actually even about it.

Still standing in the relegation relegation, Baumgart follows Cologne directly in seventh place – and thus in the European Cup. He became a cult coach nationwide, his own party hit, is celebrated for cool and short sleeves, and his flat cap with his own number was sold out for weeks.

The hype continues at the beginning of the current season. Baumgart’s team made it incredibly difficult for any opponent to survive against them. Always full throttle, always on it. reverse gear? No way.

Cologne and Baumgart in crisis

The first defeat (0:1 against Union) only came on the 6th matchday. After that, the Cologne team beat BVB, but the exhausting style of play was always noticeable in the autumn.

Even the top scorer of the previous season was missing more and more. The club had sold Anthony Modeste to Dortmund for five million euros on the first day of the game.

The World Cup break in November came like a lifeline after three defeats in a row. Highest level of drinking. The patient looks completely flat.

But it hasn’t gotten much better. On the contrary. Steffen Baumgart faces his most strenuous weeks in Cologne this spring, as can be seen from the table and the field.

The Geißbock-Klub has not had a goal of its own for four games. The low point was the 0:2 against Bochum. The bottom of the table, in their own stadium.

Resentment in Cologne is growing

The displeasure in the environment, among fans and local reporters, is growing almost daily. FC is like the Cologne national team, identification is huge.

This brings maximum excitement when the team wins, but also genuine sadness, incomprehension and anger when things don’t go as they should in the eyes of the supporters. That’s a quick personal disappointment.

Exactly this situation could now be dangerous for the team and coach. Because especially Baumgart, the Mr. continuous fire, is not necessarily known in the club for his pedagogical streak.

Can Cologne coach Baumgart still turn things around?

“Cult doesn’t bring any points,” commented a fan on Instagram on Saturday. Truth, of course, and yet it sums up the mood on the Rhine quite well. At least the view from the outside.

The last third of the season will show whether Baumgart can use the soft tones to carefully rebuild disappointed players – many of whom are inexperienced – even with further blows to the neck.

One after the other, the opponents are Dortmund (Saturday, 6:30 p.m.) and Mönchengladbach (April 2). Two XL tasks, also emotional.

The cushion, seven points on a relegation zone, is still good in Cologne. But the trend, and that’s the big “Caution”, is unfortunately bad. cult or not.

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