comeback or end? “Surreal” saga about Lineker over!

Gary Lineker returns as presenter BBC return.

The English TV station had dropped the former national player as the face of the football highlight show “Match of the Day” (MOTD) on Saturday after it had publicly criticized English refugee policy. (All Premier League news)

This was against the policy of the sender who had died BBC explained. A massive wave of protests by numerous prominent TV presenters and experts followed. Even Jürgen Klopp gets involved.

Lineker’s comeback has now been announced in a statement. “Gary is a valued part of the BBC and I know how much die BBC means to Gary and I look forward to having him moderate our coverage this coming weekend,” Director General Tim Davie is quoted as saying.

Lineker says thank you after surreal days

Lineker also speaks for himself.

The 62-year-old was pleased and grateful on Twitter: “After a few surreal days, I am delighted that we have found a way here. I want to thank you all for the incredible support, especially my colleagues at BBC Sport for the respected show of solidarity. Football is a team game but their support has been overwhelming.”

In his almost three years at MOTD, he was always proud to be part of the show.

“One last thought: as difficult as the last few days have been, it just doesn’t compare to having to flee your homeland from persecution or war to seek refuge in a country far away. It is heartwarming to see the empathy of so many of you for your plight.”

“We remain a country with predominantly tolerant people”

Davie, meanwhile, apologized to Lineker and his colleagues: “Everyone recognizes this has been a difficult time for staff, editors, presenters and most importantly, our viewers. I would like to apologize for that.”

They want to review the guidelines that led to Lineker’s interim expulsion and adjust them if necessary. Until this process is completed, Lineker wants to adhere to the guidelines, she says BBC with.

Lineker himself confirmed not to die at first. He concluded his message on Twitter with the words: “We remain a country with predominantly tolerant, hospitable and generous people. Thank you very much. “

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