Conor McGregor has ‘no issues’ with Michael Chandler but vows to ‘cut’ him

Conor McGregor has said he has “no issues” with Michael Chandler but insists he will “cut” the American later this year.

McGregor and Chandler are currently filming the new season of The ultimate fighter, a reality TV show where they coach opposing teams of contestants. The pair will then fight each other at a date yet to be determined.

Speaking to The Mac Life on the set of the show on Thursday (February 23), McGregor said: “I like Michael, I had a good little buzz with him yesterday. I have no problems with him at all. I think he’s a good fighter.

“And when I’m training against him, I’m interested in seeing his coaching style. He’s more of an athlete type than a technical martial artist. I know he has some skill in the wrestling department and he has some skill overall, but as far as the little finer details go…I just don’t think so…I’m not sure…I’ am interested to see. I’m happy where I am. It will be interesting to face him [coaching] before I go against him [in the ring].

“I think I’ll just cut him. I think I’m a little too sleek for him than anyone he’s fought – a little too snappy and whippy. I think I’ll cut it.”

The 34-year-old Irishman is a former UFC doubleweight champion who has competed mostly at lightweight since 2016, while Chandler, 36, is a former three-time Bellator lightweight champion.

McGregor, however, has clearly gained weight since suffering a broken leg in his last fight, a TKO loss to Dustin Poirier in July 2021, and no weight class has yet been announced for the Irishman’s fight against Chandler.

When asked if the fight will be lightweight or welterweight, McGregor laughed: “That’s what I said to him yesterday, I said, ‘You know what weight we’re doing? Are you all right [middleweight]?!’

“I’m just having fun with him, he’s a nice guy.”

Michael Chandler on the set of The Ultimate Fighter (@UFC via Instagram)

McGregor also reiterated his decision to attend The ultimate fighteron which he performed in 2015 was set to “dip” into mixed martial arts as his release nears the two-year mark.

“[I want] giving back to the game, passing on my wisdom and knowledge to the next generation,” he said. “I’ve always been motivated by hard workers, people who chase their dreams, people who defy doubt, who don’t listen to outside sounds, who are solely dedicated to their goal. What better example than a reality show like this where they come in and fight for their lives? So I feed off that energy very well.”

Earlier this week, McGregor denied an allegation that he had replaced candidates on his team with his “own boys”.

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