I’m a pay pig who spent $1,800 of my student loan on my Findom fetish, but I don’t regret it

The 23-year-old student once spent about $1,000 on Findom in a single day.

The 23-year-old student admits Findom can be “quite addicting”.Getty Images

  • A college student spent about $1,800 on his student loan to fund his “pay pig” fetish.

  • He enjoys when “domes” he finds on Twitter dominate him financially and pays them to humiliate him.

  • Business student pays for Skype sessions with some Doms and met one in real life to pay for them.

This article is based on a conversation with a 23-year-old college student in the UK who used money from his student loans to fund his fetish of financial dominance. He spoke on condition of anonymity to protect his privacy. Insider has confirmed that he spent part of his loan on Findom with documentation. The following has been edited for length and clarity.

I’m a 23 year old college student in the UK who is also a ‘pay pig’ – someone who enjoys being financially dominated and sending people money only to be humiliated.

I got into findom or financial dominance about two years ago during the pandemic. I discovered it via Twitter after seeing some models posting their wishlists on the platform. That was my first step into the world of Findom. I had just received my student alimony loan – a loan to help cover my living expenses – and that gave me some extra cash.

At first it was all about chatting with “Doms” or dominant people via Twitter Direct Messages and sending them money using the Cash App. After a few weeks, I booked a Skype session with a Dom who asked me how much I had, which got me into spending my student loan.

She was a self-proclaimed feminist dominatrix that I found attractive. The power exchange has done it to me. We exchanged messages on Twitter after I sent her money through the Cash App.

A few days later we set up a Skype session

During the session, she called me demeaning and humiliating names, including “pathetic loser,” and did a “wallet drain,” meaning a dom drains your bank account.

I spent about £800 or almost $1,000 in that 30 minute session and she called me a “good boy” after I sent her money. The next day she sent me a video counting the money I had sent.

I felt a bit down after she drained my account but at the same time I enjoyed it because it aroused and aroused me. I took a hiatus after that because I was spending so much, but I ended up getting back into it — as a lot of pay pigs seem to do.

I find doms, or “goddesses” as some like to call themselves, through Twitter hashtags like “#findom” and “#paypig”. Along with the hashtags, they post pictures of themselves with captions that show how much they enjoy using men.

Most of them have their Cash App usernames on their Twitter profiles so a pay pig can send them a “tribute” before replying to any direct messages. What speaks to me the most is when a Dom posts something that feeds into that power dynamic, like how they get men to send them money.

Another aspect of Findom I’ve tried is “cash meets”.

“Cash Meets” are when subs meet up with doms in real life to withdraw money from an ATM and give it to them. Doms will post on Twitter when they’re available for cash meetups in certain areas, and subscribers can message them to set up an appointment.

I had a cash meeting with the dominatrix I had a skype session with and met her in a busy area where I live. I let her take my bank card and gave her the PIN so she could withdraw the money. Initially we agreed she could take 200lbs but she told me she would take 350lbs and I let her.

I kissed her boots

She punched in the digits, took the money from my account, and made me count before humiliatingly patting my head and walking away. I enjoyed it and did another cash meetup in a less public place where I bent down and kissed her knee high boots.

I participate in findom every few months. The last Skype session I had with a Dom was about a week ago, and I’ve been sending money to various Doms over the past few months. It’s quite addictive and I definitely spent money when I shouldn’t have. I’ve deleted Twitter a few times but kept coming back for the thrill.

I’ve kept it a secret from friends and family because I don’t want them to know about it. I’m a little concerned about getting into debt, but if you’re sending money right now, especially on a Skype session, you’re under a Dom’s spell.

I’ve stopped doing Skype sessions for the time being so I can spend money on other things, but I’m struggling to stop doing it completely. In total I’ve spent almost £1,500 or about $1,800 from my student loan to fund my fetish and I have no regrets.

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