Jenna Ortega returns to her horror roots in Exorcist parody skit

Jenna Ortega pays homage to her horror film roots while filming them Saturday night live Debut.

The 20 year old Wednesday star hosted the sketch show episode on Saturday (March 11), in which she appeared in a skit based on the horror film The Exorcism.

In it, a family summons a priest to visit their daughter (Ortega) in the middle of the night after she is possessed by the devil.

Ortega squirms in her bed and speaks in a distorted voice as she tells the priest that he will “burn in hell.”

However, the family is then interrupted by their neighbor, the teacher Mrs. Shaw (Ego Nwodim), who stopped by to complain about the noise and ended up helping with the exorcism.

“I’m going to sleep tonight,” she says to the screaming Ortega. “You don’t scare me, sweetheart… Use your words.”

As Ortega begins to levitate, Nwodim comments, “Where is she going?”

“You’re going to hell, you stupid pig,” Ortega’s character tells her, and Nwodim replies, “Stupid, what now? Oh darling, you must do much better. Yesterday a third grader called me a “used up bitch”. What else do you have?”

“You’re ugly, um,” Ortega continues, struggling to find another insult, resulting in Nwodim telling her to “sit down” while her bed returns to its normal height.

Viewers praised Ortega for her performance, with one fan writing, “She never once broke her character! Such a pro.”

“She can play any role perfectly,” read another, while one viewer joked, “And here I thought Jenna already covers all forms of horror.”

Ortega can currently be seen in scream VIhaving previously appeared in horror films Scream And X.

Ortega was praised for her performance in the sketch (NBC)

Last week, Ortega spoke openly about kicking her “foot down” while at work Wednesday and asking for changes to the script in an “almost unprofessional” way.

“When I first signed on to the show, I didn’t have all the scripts. I thought it was going to be a lot darker,” she said. “It wasn’t … I didn’t know what the tone was like or what the score would sound like.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had to push as hard on a set as I did on set Wednesday,” she added.

In conversation with The timesOrtega also stated that she “appreciates my solitude” when asked if she was currently dating anyone.

Since it was released on Netflix in November, Wednesday is the streamer’s second-biggest English-language series of all time.

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