London City Airport is the first to scrap the 100ml liquid rule

The new liquid limit is two liters (PA Archive)

London City Airport will be the first in the UK to scrap the 100ml liquid limit in time for Easter and the school holidays thanks to new technology.

New CT machines, similar to those in hospitals, will replace the airport’s old machines by the end of March.

The new liquid limit will be two liters, and travelers will no longer have to stow creams and cosmetics in a plastic bag separate from the rest of their luggage, marking the biggest relaxation of flight security in decades.

The same goes for laptops – they don’t need to be removed from passenger baggage to be scanned separately.

The airport at Royal Docks near Canary Wharf will roll out the changes from the end of March, ahead of the April 3 school holiday and the Easter weekend between April 7th and 10th.

It is hoped that the move will reduce waiting times at security checkpoints.

Robert Sinclair, Airport Managing Director: “The new lanes will not only reduce hassle but also wait times, which passengers will love.”

The new machines, and with them the new liquid rules, will be rolled out at all major UK airports, the Government announced in December, with a deadline of June 2024 for the new technology to be installed.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said at the time: “The tiny toiletries have become a staple of airport security checks, but that’s about to change.

“I’m tightening hand luggage rules at airports while improving security.

“By 2024, major airports across the UK will be equipped with the latest security technology, reducing waiting times, improving the passenger experience and most importantly, detecting potential threats.”

The computer tomographs generate a high-resolution 3D scan of the passengers’ luggage and enable the staff to inspect it from all sides. Older machines only produce a 2D image.

London City Airport already has two new generation CT scanners in operation.

The airport told The Times: “One final new CT scanner will be added at the end of March, meaning anyone flying before Easter can carry laptops and liquids of up to two liters in their bag.”

Trials with the new scanners have been underway at airports since 2018, including at Terminal 3 of London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports and in Birmingham.

The technology is already being used in the USA and Amsterdam.

Size restrictions on liquids were introduced in 2006 after a terrorist attack using liquid explosives was foiled at Heathrow.

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