Olympian Nile Wilson has been crowned the winner of Dancing On Ice 2023

Nile Wilson and his skating partner Olivia Smart were crowned Dancing On Ice champions after a scintillating finale with a string of perfect scores.

The 27-year-old Olympic gymnast beat reality star Joey Essex, who finished second, and drag queen The Vivienne, who placed third, in Sunday’s grand finals.

After being declared the winner, Wilson said, “If Dancing On Ice has anything to say about entertainment, tonight we have 11 people of all different shapes and sizes on this stage with an allotted time to get good at something and we have proven that we can do it.

“What an inspiring show. If you put your mind to it and work hard, you can achieve anything you want.”

He also thanked everyone who voted for them and said he will spend the night partying with the people he “loves the most”.

The Essex TV personality, 32, congratulated the couple after their win, saying: “I’m so happy for Nile and Olivia. I missed a few steps but literally having the time of my life thank you all.”

The three finalists all ran an original free skate and performed in a skate match to narrow it down to two remaining contestants.

After The Vivienne was voted out, she said: “It was the most amazing experience. I’m so used to living on a tour bus or out of a suitcase somewhere and it has given me structure in my life, I’ve gotten fit and I’ve met the greatest friend in a colleague.”

Wilson and Essex then competed as they each performed the famous bolero that earned Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean the gold medal at the 1984 Winter Olympics to determine the winner.

After all of the finalists performed their first dance, choreographed by Torvill and Dean, they were neck and neck on the leaderboard – having all achieved perfect 40s.

Wilson showcased his gymnastic prowess in her pirate-inspired routine as he performed a handstand on suspended parallel bars as well as the infamously difficult headbanger, the first time a male celebrity had attempted the move.

Reflecting on the routine, Dean said, “I’m almost speechless. We wanted to capitalize on his gymnastic ability and athleticism and I think he nailed it.”

Torvill added that she feels Wilson definitely deserved a 10 as she felt it was the best she’d seen him perform the routine.

The Vivienne delivered a seductive performance for her first routine while clad in a bright red outfit.

She skated to Katy Perry’s Dark Horse with partner Colin Grafton and a host of other dancers who dove and lifted the 30-year-old entertainer.

Torvill said, “What I like about this routine is that there are so many difficult steps and edges, but you make it look easy.”

Diversity star and judge Ashley Banjo added, “Your skating is amazing. You’ve come this far but to me you are literally such an incredible performer and there is no person in competition who could perform this routine as well as you and so I absolutely loved that.

“It showed you and I think you deserve to be here and that’s a well-deserved 10.”

Essex donned a white toga to embody the Greek hero Hercules for his first major finals routine, in which he performed a walkover and backflip with skating partner Vanessa Bauer.

Essex described the show as “the best experience I’ve ever had in my life” after receiving top marks.

Banjo said: “I’m actually so proud of you bro because from your start to finish you ride with Vanessa and all the other incredible pros.

“And it would have been really easy to underestimate you early in the series, but look you’re here in the finale and you absolutely smashed it.”

Dean joked that Essex had taught him patience throughout the competition, adding: “I think it was an amazing achievement tonight but also a Herculean achievement and it was hero from zero tonight.”

The three finalists and their skating partners then performed a dance battle with Destiny’s Child’s Survivor.

Former contestants of the series also returned to skate with their partners one last time.

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