Porsche Roads app uses AI to find the fun route, not just the easiest

Updated Porsche Roads app to find the funniest routesPorsche

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  • Porsche has updated its Roads route planning app with AI looking for winding or scenic roads; In addition to the AI ​​input, the app’s 180,000 users can rate routes, create their own and add useful tips.

  • The app was launched in 2019 but has now been upgraded with artificial intelligence that can help find roads that meet user-entered specifications.

  • Route planning connects directly to any vehicle equipped with Apple CarPlay; no Porsche required.

Artificial intelligence isn’t quite at the level of HAL or Skynet yet, but the internet has adopted the technology as a new fun toy. Would you like to see art of each US President as a Pixar character or challenge a chatbot to write one His field Shakespeare style episode? AI can do that for you. But Porsche believes AI can be more than just a distraction. Bet AI can help you generate the drive of your life.

Porsche Road App


Porsche launched its Roads app in 2019 and today the company states that this app currently has around 180,000 users. The latest update adds route planning capability, which includes an algorithm to find the best route from point A to point B.

Big thing! Many navigation apps already do this. The difference to the Porsche app, however, is that “the best” is defined here by the operator. While Google Maps takes travel time or fuel efficiency into account, Roads lets the user choose a more challenging or scenic route. If you want to rip it all up in your 718 Cayman GTS 4.0, set your profile to look for something curvy. Want to see the sights on a cross-continental voyage in a Cayenne? Streets will help you find the best local spots that you can’t miss.

Best of all, while the app currently only runs on iPhones and not Android phones, you don’t need a Porsche. Roads works with any car equipped with Apple CarPlay, so you can select your route on your phone and then follow it on your car’s infotainment screen.

In addition to the AI-generated routes, Roads also contains crowdsourcing elements. Users can rate the different routes, create their own and leave comments.

Where this technology really shines isn’t so close to you; If you’re an enthusiast, chances are you’ve already mapped out your favorite back roads. But if you are on a road trip or traveling in an unfamiliar area, Roads app will help you find the good roads. It’s a free download, so make sure you have it with you on your next trip – and maybe upgrade at the rental desk for a little more fun driving.

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