Save $35 on the popular e-reader and shop for less than $100

Save 27 percent on the Kindle 2022 Release E-Reader. Images via Amazon.

As an avid reader, I firmly believe in the power of an e-reader. As much as I love a physical book, there’s no denying the convenience that a lightweight e-reader brings – especially considering it can hold hundreds of books at once, making it ideal for travel.

If you haven’t given them a chance yet, Amazon Canada’s latest sale is your chance to snag the Kindle 2022 Release E-Reader on sale. Normally retailing for $130, shoppers can now find it on sale for $95, a savings of 27 percent.

E-reader for Kindle 2022. Image via Amazon.

E-reader for Kindle 2022. Image via Amazon.

$95 $130 at Amazon

The details

Kindle is a compact e-reader with an anti-glare, paper-like display that lets you read comfortably from almost anywhere. Unlike reading on your phone or tablet, the Kindle is dedicated entirely to books. When using it, you can hide messages, email, and social media for a distraction-free experience.

It features adjustable front light and dark modes to make reading effortless – day or night. It also comes with 16GB of storage for hundreds of books at once. Simply connect your device to a Kindle Unlimited subscription to access over 2 million titles.

You can buy the Kindle in two colors: black and denim blue.

450+ Reviews | 4.6 stars

It’s clear that Amazon buyers loved this Kindle device as it received an average rating of 4.6 stars from hundreds of reviews. Customers were impressed with the long battery life and lightweight design, and raved that it’s a “great little reader.”

“I love the size and how light it is,” shared one reviewer.

“Thought it was so much better than a book,” added another.

Kindle (2022 release).  Image via Amazon.

Kindle (2022 release). Image via Amazon.

$95 $130 at Amazon

Reviewers also agree that this Kindle is a definite upgrade from older models, calling it “lighter, faster, and easier to use.”

“So much brighter and much better writing/contrast. Worth the upgrade,” reiterated one reviewer.

Despite all the positive reviews, some buyers found that the device’s battery life doesn’t live up to the claims of six weeks of use. Reviewers have said it takes “over two weeks” but can be a little longer if you turn on airplane mode to disconnect from Wi-Fi.


If you’re looking for a new e-reader, the Kindle device could be the way to go. It’s a compact e-reader that lets you take hundreds of books with you anywhere, and at the current retail price of $95, it’s a great buy.

While battery life leaves some room for improvement, buyers still agree it’s worth upgrading from older models.

The reviews cited above reflect the latest versions at the time of publication.

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