The felling of old trees has been suspended

Around 20 trees on The Walks on Wellingborough Embankment have already been felled

The felling of a number of old trees has been suspended until the planned removal is explained to protesters.

More than 50 lime trees have been approved for felling to make way for a dual carriageway as part of the Stanton Cross development in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

A community engagement event has been announced following a meeting between North Northamptonshire Council, developers Stanton Cross and Conservative MP for Wellingborough Peter Bone.

Around 20 trees along London Road, known as The Walks, have already been felled.

Marion Turner-Hawes on a tree in Wellingborough

Marion Turner-Hawes said this was an example of “the people of Wellingbourgh coming together to show that we care”.

Protesters rallied as the trees were felled and four people were arrested, Northamptonshire Police confirmed.

Marion Turner-Hawes, a councilwoman and part of the Wellingborough Eco Group which has opposed logging, said she was “delighted” that there is the “temporary hold we need”.

She said it was a “clarification break” and that she felt “heard.”

“It’s really important that we get a chance to be heard to offer some really good solutions to develop our facilities and complement the work that’s been done.

“We understand why some trees need to be cut down, but we are not prepared for our heritage to be destroyed without understanding why.”

Trees being felled in Wellingborough protesters

Activists have gathered by the trees for several days to try to save them

Jason Smithers, the Conservative leader of the council, said: “I think this is a positive outcome for The Walks and a positive outcome for the activists who have been absolutely amazing in all of this.”

He said no more trees would be cut until the meeting was held and some of the trees could be saved.

Protesters at Wellingborough Development

Developers said hundreds of new trees would be planted in the development

A spokeswoman for Stanton Cross said it was a “very constructive meeting”.

“We have discussed how to minimize the removal of trees needed to carry out vital infrastructure improvement work and we have proposed that a community engagement event be held this month to go through the plans with local residents in more detail.”

The Walks, trees, in Wellingobough before some were felled

The Walks trees before they were felled

Activists against felling said the avenue of trees can be dated back to the 17th century.

The Woodland Trust said a lime tree could be considered ancient at around 300 years old.

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