The Scream VI star had no idea they were playing Ghostface until weeks into filming

*SPOILER WARNING* The following story contains important details about the ending of scream VI

The actor who plays Ghostface in scream VI had no idea until weeks after shooting began that they would be exposed as the film’s killers.

In the horror sequel, out now in theaters, Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega reprise their roles as sisters Sam and Tara Carpenter, who are being pursued by a new Ghostface killer in New York City.

Courteney Cox, Jasmine Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding also star in the film. Original franchise star Neve Campbell isn’t returning, but the whereabouts of her character Sidney is being debated on-screen.

Only speak to The IndependentActor Hayden Panettiere – who repeats them Scream 4 Role of Kirby Reed in the film – revealed she was initially kept in the dark about how the film would end until she “demanded” to get the full script.

This was news for actor Dermot Mulroney, who joined Panettiere in a joint interview The Independentwhen he was asked to sign on for the film, unaware that he would play such an important role in it.

“Those are Kirby Rules!” he joked. “As a newcomer, I got it in portions. They really dragged it out.”

At the peak of scream VI, Mulroney’s character Detective Wayne Bailey is revealed to be one of three masked killers slaughtering innocent victims across New York. He also tries to frame the crimes with Kirby, who works with him to solve the murders.

“I knew they were interested in me to play Detective Bailey, but I didn’t know what was actually happening in the movie,” Mulroney said. “Finally I got all three parts [of the script].”

He suggested that directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett deliberately give him the script in sections to increase distrust among actors on set. “I think just for the mystery,” he said. “And for the actors to stretch that mystery out for as long as possible.”

Dermot Mulroney in “Scream VI” (Paramount/Spyglass)

Mulroney also said he’s “really proud” to join the franchise, adding, “The four leads are really best friends. Courteney and Melissa are fat as thieves. It’s just a really great, tight-knit group of people. I’m the older guy who joins them but everyone has been very welcoming.”

for panettiere, scream VI marks her first acting role in more than four years and tells The Independent that returning to the franchise felt like “coming home.”

The sequel, which is in theaters now, has received strong reviews, with The Independent and called it “gory, satisfying and ridiculously funny”.

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