There’s a reason this cult chef must-have is called “The Whatever Pan” (and it’s 30% off, too!)

Jean Patrique’s The Whatever Pan

Jean Patrique’s The Whatever Pan

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If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we’ve long neglected our kitchen—and our cookware.

Some may have found a newfound love for cooking, baking or pasta-making, and even if you haven’t perfected those Michelin-inspired feasts (yet) and need to hone your culinary skills a little more, there’s a vital kitchen gadget that does might help you – Jean Patrique’s The Whatever Pan.

Jean Patrique’s The Whatever Pan is set to take on Our Place’s sold-out Always Pan—but for a fraction of the price, which is music to our ears.

The Whatever pan is a multi-purpose pan that aspiring chefs can use to grill, fry, sear, roast and bake, so it’s no surprise it was a sell-out success.

The design is made from durable aluminum but also features a non-stick coating on the grilled surface which is also non-toxic making it lightweight, durable and safe to use. Tick, tick and tick.

The cooking surface is approximately 27cm in diameter and 4cm deep, giving enough room to throw in all the ingredients for a one-pan wonder.

Jean Patrique's The Whatever Pan is on sale now with a 30% discount

Jean Patrique’s The Whatever Pan is on sale now with a 30% discount

Jean Patrique’s The Whatever Pan is on sale now with a 30% discount

Unlike the traditional single handle frying pan, it also features two side handles, but that makes it all the easier to hold and move from stovetop to oven.

The Whatever pan is said to be four times lighter compared to other cast iron cookware, which is perfect for those who have trouble lifting heavier items.

Jean Patrique’s best-selling pan can be used on the hob, whether gas, induction, ceramic, electric, aga, oven, as well as on a grill or open fire. So it’s safe to say that Jean Patrique has pulled out all the stops with this kitchen must-have.

The Whatever pan also comes with a heat seal lid that also features a spoon rest on the lid so you can have a clean kitchen – the dream, right?

This creation has sold out six times since 2021, which is quite an achievement, and we predict that now that it’s on sale, it’ll be flying off virtual shelves again.

The Whatever Pan normally retails at £59.99 but is 30% off meaning it’s reduced to £39.99.

The fun doesn’t stop there though, as shoppers are also treated to a 150-page cookbook, which normally retails for £12.99, absolutely free, so no matter how good you are at the kitchen, you’ll have delicious meals cook for friends and family like a pro without breaking the bank.

Jean Patrique is also offering buyers the option to purchase additional props with The Whatever Pan which includes the silicone grips for £4.99 so you can move your pan safely without burning your hands.

The Whatever pan has received rave reviews from buyers and is loved by professionals around the world. But it also has a place of honor in our kitchen.

We personally can’t live without The Whatever Pan. It doesn’t take up too much space on the stovetop or oven, creates those professional dark grill lines on meat and fish, is super lightweight and easy to clean and store away after use.

Chef Luca La Rosa called The Whatever Pan a “must try,” while chef Hugo Louraço said, “In my busy restaurant, I choose tools that I trust. The Whatever Pan is one of them.”

If our personal endorsement, the rave reviews from pro chefs, the rave reviews, the fact that The Whatever Pan has been recognized as the number one grill pan on Amazon, and their sell out status didn’t convince you, then maybe the brand’s Money Back Guarantee offering can you influence.

The brand is so confident in their product that they offer buyers a 100-day money-back guarantee so you can return it within that timeframe if you’re unhappy with your purchase, but we don’t think a buyer would do that must .


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