This sought-after minimalist makeup brand is about to hit the UK

On a trip to New York last July, during my usual browse of Sephora in the Meatpacking District, I noticed that a section that should have been filled with Merit Beauty products was littered with “out of stock” cards. Not that my interest needed piqued; I was dying to try Merit (a minimalist US makeup brand that takes a “capsule wardrobe” approach to your everyday face) because its founder is Katherine Power, the entrepreneur behind the consistently excellent Versed skincare line , which is already available in the UK. So I grabbed what I could and headed to the checkout.

Merit’s arrival in the UK this month has filled the gaps. I’m new to The minimalist (£40), a two-in-one foundation and concealer in 20 shades, but I’m already enjoying it immensely. It’s a velvety textured firm stick that glides right over the skin and then massaged in with the soft and easy-to-use product #1 brush (£32) – or whichever foundation brush you already have – or apply with fingers for more coverage.

Unlike many competing brands, Merit’s base is matte rather than dewy or oily and suitable for all skin types. The finish is beautiful – healthy, lively, subtle. In my opinion, its only weakness is also its strength: The small, slim stick is so compact and handy that for an all-over-face product it doesn’t last as long as an (expensive) everyday foundation.

It’s truly foolproof: Even clumsy fingertips can perfectly blend this cream blush in five seconds

I have no such concerns Clean eyelashes (£28), a truly black, stain-free mascara that is easily removed with warm water. As with any “tubing mascara” (which uses polymers to coat the lashes instead of traditional waxes), the effects lean more towards the natural than the artificial drag-show variety, but all Merit products are like that.

His signature lip More like hydrating balms, lipsticks (£28) lay down a pretty, gossamer veil of pleasing colour. rinse balm (£30), a creamy blush that’s just as easy to apply to the mouth, is truly foolproof: Even clumsy fingertips can blend it perfectly in five seconds (the peachy Beverly Hills shade suits everyone).

Where Merit’s subtlety will prove most helpful, I think, is in his bronze balm (£32), a firm stick of super-sheer, mistake-resistant bronzer that melts as it moves effortlessly under the brush or fingertips. Bronzer phobics – and I know there are many – can finally spend their day in the sun.

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