“What extreme black and white thinking”

Getting ahead against PSG – also and especially for Julian Nagelsmann a very important success. FC Bayern Munich had previously had a slow start to the new year, having only drawn three times in a row in the league. At the center of the emerging criticism from outside: the trainer!

“Before my move, I naturally imagined what I could expect as a Bayern coach and got a lot of information about it,” said Nagelsmann in an interview with the wheal“But what you can’t fully prepare for: what extreme black and white thinking there is sometimes.”

He cited the games against PSG as an example. Nagelsmann had previously been criticized for switching from a back four to a back three on defense, “after which it was praised as the greatest tactic ever”. (COMMENT: Nagelsmann has shown courage and strength)

“You experience the fast pace of football at FC Bayern in extremes. If we had been eliminated, everyone would have said: catastrophic tactics by Nagelsmann, why did he let Stanisic play?” the 35-year-old continued.

Nagelsmann: I’m ashamed after defeats

But Bayern progressed – and saved their coach a lot of thoughts. “After defeats I feel ashamed,” admitted Nagelsmann. “I am self-critical and question a lot of things. And I’m always open to factual criticism. I reflect a lot and have adjusted many things at Bayern: to the squad, to the quality of the players, to the size of the club.”

This also includes the fact that the players in Munich can and also demand significantly more personal responsibility. Accordingly, Nagelsmann includes the leading players of FCB much more than he did with TSG Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig. Even if in the end he always makes the decisions.

This is also the case with club icon Thomas Müller, who has meanwhile found himself on the bench. A brave decision?

“My credo is: Courage is the anagram of happiness. I’ve always tried to take a bold approach. And I will also set an example for the players, ”emphasized Nagelsmann. “You can shape the team with your decisions and your art as a coach. If you always change very carefully, you make your players think carefully. If the team looks like the coach is taking some risks, everyone knows that he too can make mistakes.”

Just like he makes mistakes himself, of course. Example at conferences. “Someone who has no opinion gets through life easily. But I’d rather have one. Because I don’t think the mind is happier without it. That also has to do with courage and setting an example.”

FC Bayern: Nagelsmann demands courage from his players

He also demands courage and risk from his players when he sends them onto the pitch.

“Before we have nothing but bureaucrats on the field who just push the ball from left to right and the spectators fall asleep, they should rather try something and take risks,” he explained his philosophy.

“With the risk that something will go wrong. Sometimes I might have that tick more emotions. But everyone who hires a young coach is aware of that.”

FC Bayern did that and immediately gave Nagelsmann a five-year contract. At best, the Bavarian should shape no less than one era.

The work of Nagelsmann after his career

But Nagelsmann also knows that there is life after football – and already has plans and dreams.

“A tour through Alaska and Canada, backpacking across the Alps” is what he has in mind, among other things, and a paragliding license or internships in manual trades appeal to him. “Architecture serves me, as does construction, joinery and carpentry.” (NEWS: Here Nagelsmann shows his Harley)

Before that, however, he still has a few tasks ahead of him at Bayern Munich. The German record champions are visiting Bayer Leverkusen on Sunday.

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