Why everyone is obsessed with Andrew Garfield, and rightly so

Andrew Garfield presented at the 2023 Oscars, so we all know what that means: The internet will soon be blushing over his fateful flirty red carpet interview with comedian Amelia Dimoldenberg, leaving fans everywhere swooning.

On Sunday, March 12, Garfield presented the awards for Best Original Screenplay and Best Adapted Screenplay alongside his British compatriot Florence Pugh. And thank goodness, because we’ve all starved this awards season without Andrew Garfield being nominated for his role as composer/detective/protestant televangelist.

In case you haven’t seen the many Durst tweets dedicated to this Amazing Spider-Man Star (and there are plenty), the internet is obsessed with Garfield. Some even call him the friend of the internet: the affectionate nickname fans give to male celebrities who exude Golden Retriever energy. Although many actors have been given titles over the years – Pedro Pascal, Oscar Isaac, Logan Lerman, Ryan Gosling and even Pete Davidson – none encapsulate the role quite like Garfield.

He has since made his mark with his role as Eduardo Saverin in the 2010 drama The social networkand what a powerful debut it was, Garfield stole hearts with his red carpet performances and late-night talk show appearances.

Most recently, TikTok users kicked their feet when they saw YouTube comedian-turned-red-carpet host Amelia Dimoldenberg interview the star on British GQ’s Men of the Year event last November. In a clip of their flirtatious exchange that’s been viewed more than 10 million times on Twitter, Garfield tells Dimoldenberg that he’s a fan of her popular YouTube series. chicken shop date — in which she awkwardly interviews celebrities over fried chicken.

Dimoldenberg admits to Garfield that she’s been trying to get a date with him for a while, though it’s unclear if she meant a booking deal for her show or the classic dinner and movie.

“You date a lot of people,” he jokes back.

Oh, the sweet bliss of being a handsome man with all the confidence in the world.

The red carpet interview continued as most red carpet interviews do. Dimoldenberg told Garfield she had a picture of him as a cell phone background, he told her she looked very beautiful in her dress. All died metaphorically.

The two then chatted again at the 2023 Golden Globes, where – should I say – Garfield seemed a lot more exhausted to see Dimoldenberg than when they last met. Was it because the two had undeniable chemistry, or just because Garfield gets along with everyone? Actually, the British actor would simply attribute his flirtatious personality to his Leo sun sign. Yes, Garfield is an astrology girlie too.

The Tick, tick… boom! star is fully aware of his big three zodiac signs (he’s Leo, Sun, Aquarius, Pisces ascendant), which can only mean two things: he has a genuine affinity for astrology, or he had an ex-girlfriend who did. We will choose to believe the former.

At last year’s Academy Awards, he demonstrated his astrology expertise when he said that Virgo people are control freaks. Last year, a vanity fair Profil described him as “a part-time resident of LA who studies astrology.” In a May 2021 BuzzFeed video, he said that as a Leo man, he loves compliments. Garfield even told Dimoldenberg about her astrological compatibility during her Golden Globes red carpet interview, proving that he’s just like me on every date.

Garfield is also a big fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race,and once offered to portray Meryl Streep in the show’s “Snatch Game” segment, if you weren’t already convinced that he’s friend material.

Bad luck for us, the Under the banner of heaven Star keeps his actual relationships a secret. Garfield most famously dated him Amazing Spider-Man co-star Emma Stone for four years and continues the ongoing trend of Peter Parkers dating her love interests in real life.

He was last linked to model Alyssa Miller in November 2021. They made their first public appearance as a couple at the SAG Awards in February 2022, but reportedly split in April last year. Then rumors circulated that Garfield had hit it off Bridgeton Star Phoebe Dynevor at the GQ Awards, but nothing is confirmed. Still, that would be a couple straight out of a Jane Austen film adaptation.

There were a lot of handsome heartthrobs who wanted to dethrone Andrew Garfield as the internet friend at the 2023 Oscars (Paul Mescal, we’re looking at you). But rest assured, Andrew Garfield remains king.

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