Woman exposes alleged domestic abuse and sexual violence at the hands of police officer’s ex-husband after David Carrick’s arrest

“He made remarks about household items that make a good murder weapon, other remarks to do with getting rid of me and getting what I deserved.”

At first, she says, she didn’t take what her then-husband said seriously.

“It wasn’t until the relationship ended completely that I really understood the real danger I was in and how abnormal and dangerous the comments were.”

They were a feature of a relationship, she claims, that was a history of domestic violence and sexual violence.

And the alleged perpetrator, her ex-husband, is a police officer on duty.

For 19 months since she first reported the abuse, she says his employer, West Yorkshire Police, has refused to investigate her domestic violence allegations.

“It’s been an uphill battle that they take anything seriously at all. It makes you feel worthless coming out of a relationship like this, it kind of reinforces the feeling that my words don’t matter.

“If anything, I wouldn’t feel safe calling 999 because given what happened I wouldn’t trust them to even bother to come out.”

She has asked not to be identified for her safety.

She said domestic violence, which began with “slamming things, yelling, belittling, verbal abuse,” escalated to objects being thrown at her and her having to hide from her partner in a room. She also accuses her of sexual violence.

After being contacted by Sky News, West Yorkshire Police said they were unable to discuss the case in detail.

In a statement, the force added: “We encourage anyone who is a victim of domestic violence to get in touch with us.

“Allegations are taken seriously, including allegations involving West Yorkshire Police officers and staff, and are always fully investigated.

“A West Yorkshire police officer has been suspended as part of the inquiry and the matter has been referred to the independent Bureau of Police Conduct.

“West Yorkshire Police are absolutely committed to fighting violence against women and girls and to vigorously investigating all allegations of sexual violence and domestic violence.”

The woman said she was asked to comment after seeing video of Metropolitan Police Officer David Carrick’s arrest – later sentenced to life imprisonment for dozens of crimes against women – in which he tells arresting officers about his police service.

“At the end of the day, a police offender is actually the most dangerous type of offender. It’s a scary place where you feel like there’s no one on the other side of the phone to help you. It’s petrifying.”

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In January, the National Police Chiefs’ Council wrote to all chief constables in England and Wales, urging them to take immediate action to identify any information or allegations about officers requiring further investigation.

However, the woman said, “All these forces say they take it seriously, but they actually aren’t … and I’m a prime example of the current climate, they don’t take it seriously at all.”

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